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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  March 5, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> jim: this one closes it out. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> jim: a match-up of the last two national champions, far different roster from two years ago but these were the last two to take the title, coming in with matching 13-2 records in the acc and a carolina team, most improbable conference championship it's going to be in the regular season. one of roy williams' finest
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efforts. >> clark: did you see the young fellow, kendall marshall? he rallied his guys, got them to the foul line and he was the one doing most the talking in the huddle. from day one, when he got the keys to the carolina basketball team as far as running the show, he's been a pretty vocal leader and his play has spoken even louder. >> jim: another misfire. curry the only one who has had a hot outside hand. >> jim: a team you don't want to see in your bracket when they're released next sunday. going in on an incredible run. of course, the acc tournament
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still to come. where they'll be the number one seed, of course. what a way to go out for the public address announcer after 50 years. ernie andrews started as a freshman. came in with coach smith. there he is. he walks out with a win. north carolina is the atlantic coast conference regular season champion. >> jim: and they storm the floor at the dean dome on a week where coach smith celebrated his 80th birthday on monday. >> clark: a special night here, partner. they deserve to celebrate. roy williams felt like this team had the chance to dream big, and this is one of the dreams they felt they could realize, and now it's off to the acc tournament and beyond, but what an accomplishment outstanding. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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their old seats: 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. in a corruption it's happened again. another bay area law enforcement officer arrested in a corruption scandal. the connection he has to a state narcotics agent who has also been arrested. he was waiting for a train but tonight he's in critical condition. a cal train passenger attacked by more than a dozen people. a recent repair of a cruise ship is generating new ideas for bringing hundreds of jobs to the area. good evening, i'm notarangelo.
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it's in connection with an ongoing drug investigation. >> reporter: apparently no one wants to go on camera talking about a police officer corruption. now the arrest of stephen tanabe, a danville police officer appears to be the latest in the expanding investigation into police officer corruption in the county and may be tied to two other arrests last month. the arrest of the con tro costa deputy sheriff who works for danville as a police officer comes as investigators look into ago alleged police corruption. district attorney mark peterson told cbs 5 that stephen tanabe was arrested friday night. the sheriff's office in a press release said the veteran was arrested for possession and transfer of an arrest rifle and conspiracy to possess and sell
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controlled sub answers. he would not comment on what connection he may have to norman wielsch. he was arrested last month on charges -- who allegedly helped sell the drugs. wielsch seen in custody in court and butler on the right are charged with more than two dozen felony could wants of allegely stealing, possessing and selling meth, marijuana and prescription drugs. the san francisco chronicle says all three men worked together in the antioch police department in the late 90s. david livingston said the arrest of deputy tanabe is a sad day. it should not reflect on the integrity or professionalism of the nearly one thousand other members of the office. danville police declined to comment and they referred us to the sheriff's office. they declined to appear on
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camera or hold a news conference. they issued a press release and not a mug shot. >> thank you. a transit rider was just waiting for a train when police say up to 15 people attacked and nearly killed him. transit police the strong armed robbery happened here at the redwood city cal train station. it was on a southbound platform about 7:30 last night. they got away before police got there. the attack left a 47-year-old victim from san jose in critical condition. >> this is a very unusual incident for cal train. this is not something that is -- it's really outside the norm of our experience. people who are waiting for cal train have every rb to feel safe and comfortable while they're at the stations. >> transit police are investigating why so many people targeted the victim. while they wait to talk to the man, they are speaking to
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witnesses and following up on leads. due to a recent spike in gang violence, one neighborhood will be monitored more often by angels. there have been six shootings and three stabbings in the mission district in the last two weeks. two people were killed and currently they patrol the area two days a week. today they'll increase with four days a week and patrols sent out every few hours. a massive effort by pg&e to find information about their gas lines. as part of the investigation, they ordered the utility to produce records and documentations in all the pipelines in northern and central california. employees are working around the clock sifting through tens of thousands of boxes of records dating to the 1920s. the project is going on at three warehouses. they are facing a march 15th deadline. documents released this week
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showed they replaced ageing pinelines close to the blast pipe but didn't replace the section that ruptures. five miles of new pipes stopped 300 yards from the explosion. the work done in 2003 and 2004 was prompted about concerns about earthquake safety. the segment that ruptured was not on the project list. the xaeb xaeb says it's figuring out why the project didn't call for the replacement of all the pipes in the area. when it comes to creating jobs, lawmakers are looking beyond a land of opportunity. they have their eyes on the ocean and envision a sea of gold with ships. but some fear more port business will bring more than just jobs. anne makovec explains. >> unless we invest in infrastructure, we're missing the boat. >> reporter: local leaders talked about bringing jobs and more federal money to shore.
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>> i think we need to treat the ports as if they're like airports. you know, airports when you have a delay in their modernization and construction, it stops our country from moving forward. >> reporter: you may remember the carnival splendor spending time here last month after breaking down in the ocean last year. that created hundreds of local jobs. this is the largest dry dock on this side of the pacific ocean. it's sitting empty right now. a lot of ships have trouble getting in here. the canal only has about 19 feet of water to accommodate bigger boats. it has to be dredged. >> if we're not dredging deep enough, we're missing an opportunity for commerce and for jobs. >> reporter: but there are environmental concerns. >> there's now a buy logical concern that as a result we may see algae bloom, fish kills,
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what are tip pacts of that? >> reporter: pelosi says it will be done with the best technology available and it will happen soon. >> it's got to happen now within the next couple months. that's the critical debate going on in washington. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> big honors tonight for a sailor hit with an explosive defies in afghanistan. he comes home on his birthday to a hero's welcome. some dog owners plan to bite back and a plan for off leash areas that has them growling. we started out with sunshine this morning and now we have rain drops outside. how long will that last? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,
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they vowed a fight until they reach gaddafi's hometown. the estimated death toll from the rebellion is as high as 2,000. there's relief for the refugees who fled the conflict by crossing the border. u.s. military aircraft picked up thousands of refugees and flew them back home to cairo. they make up the bulk of the refugees and this comes a day after cargo planes delivered supplies for the refugees. that means one and a half million foreigners were working when a revolt startered. a war veteran was honored on his 20th birthday today. joe burns was welcomed home by vietnam vets and local lawmakers. the vehicle he was riding in hit
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an improvised device. they also made fun of the car he arrived in today. rved in the navy for about a year and a half. >> when we heard you were rolling up in a pink bug -- >> it's not mine. >> burns has served in the navy for about a year and a half. dog owners turned out in san francisco to voice their objections to a plan to reduce off leash dog areas. the national parks service has been holding public meetings on the proposal for drastic limitations on dogs in the golden gate national recreation area. they say they're responding to complaints by people who say off leash dogs are dangerous to people and to the environment. the dog owners say that's not true. >> people who don't own dogs and don't care about dogs can see that if dogs are, have their designated area, they can enjoy the rest of the other 99% of
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open space in the san francisco bay area. >> we're in a very important phase where we need to hear from users and people love to enjoy the park with their dog and those who enjoy a dog free experience, we need to hear from everyone. >> dog owners and advocates are planning a protest tomorrow. a typical day on the job was anything but. what happened to the woman behind the counter as this truck barrels through the front doors of a dry cleaner. plenty of clouds and seeing showers around the bay area. how much rain we can expect overnight tonight. we'll have that coming up. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch.
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both made with fresh egg and melting cheese. you get 2 for just 3 bucks okay, i'm back, whoa- oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over. you wouldn't think working at a dry cleaners would be a dangerous job. one employee in georgia is fortunate to be alive. sur skra lance video -- surveillance video shows a truck barrelling through the front door thursday. it came within inches of a worker who survived but broke her leg. it happened so fast, no one had time to react. >> it came up on the counter and the doors flew up. >> work es say their driver is a regular customer. they believe his foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas and he couldn't stop.
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he was not hurt and workers started cleaning up the mess after they checked out the damage. lawrence joins us now and it's been a good weekend so far but rain is on the way. >> yeah, the clouds started to move in the afternoon and the rain began to fall out there. light showers so far and lightly be picking up throughout the night and heavier amounts through the overnight. a lot of clouds in our skies right now over the city of fraens. we continue to see a lot of returns showing up on the doppler radar. not all hitting the ground but the atmosphere is getting moist enough and we're seeing scattered showers. scattered light showers towards morgan hill and san jose and some of that over the mountain tops as well. a little further to the town we have scattered light showers making their way over san francisco. haven't seen a whole lot yet but seeing better returns as you make your way to the north. seeing moisture in that
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direction and rain beginning to show up in parts of the north bay. it's starting to get wet outside and it looks like it will be wet overnight and tomorrow. clouds beginning to make their way on shore and the storm system warmer than what we've seen. snow levels high with this one. temperatures not all that bad, 50 and 60s at this hour. fairly mild but this one really latching onto tropical moisture. it's warmer outside. still if you plan on traveling around the state, you'll find wet weather just about everywhere you go in the northern half as the storm clouds move through bringing rain in fres moe and redding. the high country is a press up there. rain and snow mix in tahoe. winter weather advisory up at 5500 feet. bring your chains with you and we'll see that turn over to snow as cold air mixes in monday and tuesday you're looking at mostly sunny conditions and great skiing up there.
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you can see the path of the moisture in the tropics and that will spread in across the bay area and see the low make its way to the coastline. we'll see things squeezing out with the rainfall. overnight, things will get going pretty well around the bay area. computer models rolling to 8:00 and keeping the rain starting out in the north bay and as we head through the night, it goes to the south and you get the idea tomorrow morning you're up to a soaker early on and doesn't look like a total rain out for the day. most of the energy comes through in the morning hours and by the afternoon it looks like it turns to more scattered showers outside. it will be on and off wet after that. temperatures not that bad and 50s and 60s. even though it will be wet outside numbers into the east bay mainly in the 50s and sneaking the low 60s in pleasant hill and concord. north bay, you'll see more of the shower activity continuing on and off in the afternoon and those temperatures mainly in the 50s. next couple days could be a little wet, especially as we head through tomorrow and maybe
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leftover showers monday. tuesday and wednesday look dry. >> some of the temperatures near 70 by the middle of the week. a chance of showers in the bay area thursday. it is looking more and more like spring like pattern here in the bay area with the storms come in and not a whole lot of rain. >> we'll take it. it's good for the plants. which leads us into the next story. exotic, they are, glamorous and unique, they're one of nature's wonders and fans turn in force for the annual pacific orchid expedition in san francisco. it displays more than 150,000 orchids and they explain its complex structures and the way they adapt to the habitats. i just want to know how to keep mine alive. every time i've gotten one as a
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gift, it dies. a lot, obviously basketball going on but more than that. >> march madness is around the corner and a lot of things happening. danica patrick did something today on the racetrack no other female driver has done before and it was the battle of the bay on the baseball field in az. it is march and march madness is about to begin big time. stanford and cal went head to head to finish off the regular season. sports right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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